Bent-Toughened Glass

The ordinary curved glass is achieved by heating the glass to softening temperature and then bending by weight or external force, followed by natural cooling. The curved tempered glass or curved heat strengthened glass is made by fast cooling with air blowing after formation. Gold plus adopt the advanced synchronized roller way formation technology, being able to produce curved tempered glass. SPECIFICATION OF BENT GLASS Thickness (mm) :5-19 Maximum Dimension (mm ) : 2000×3000 Center Angle : <90 degree, other specially shaped glass may be available upon request. Minimum Dimension of curve - 300 x 600 mm Minimum Dimension of curve - 2400 x 3600 mm Minimum Curved Radius - 1000 (5-6 Thick) Minimum Curved Radius - 1500 (8-12 Thick) Minimum Curved Radius - 3000 (15-19 Thick)


Premature failure can be caused owing to any field alternation like edge grinding, sand blasting or acid etching. Tempered glass does not permit any cutting or drilling; after it has been tempered else it can lead to premature failure. During certain lightning conditions, a particular visible pattern shows up. This is not a defect but a part of the tempering process. The phenomenon of ‘iridescence’ is a common characteristic in tempered glass. Spontaneity in breaking, which is a result of impact damage, weld splatter, windblown debris and internal inclusion, make tempered glass more vulnerable. This vulnerability calls for having an alternative in the form of heat strengthened glass. Breakage is spontaneous. Bow, wrap and/or process roll distortion may evidently be present.


Tolerance of curved side: <+/-2% Tolerance of straight side: < 2% Conforming to ANSI Z-97.1-84 and ECE- R43