Burglary Resistant Glass

Gold plus burglary resistant glass comprises two panes of glass bonded together by a special interlayer. This interlayer safely glass. Providing a barrier that is 20 items harder to break though than ordinary glass.
Long enough to deter any would be intruder.
Gold plus burglary resistant glass is an economical invisible barrier for protection of your home and possessions.
Gold plus burglary resistant glass, like all laminated glass also provides other benefits like:
> improved resistant to accidental impact-safer for your family.
> reduces fading of famishing by absorbing 99% of UV radiation.
> reduces unwanted noise compared to standard glass.
> Available in clear in tint.

Is an easy to install as other glasses and it can be used anywhere you wish throughout your home. For maximum security, gold plus burglary resistant glass should incorporate with window frames and locks of sufficient strength-just ask your builder or window supplier.

ThicknessProduct CodeSizes AvailableColours Available
11.5 mm
554 GP Burglary Glass
1220 mm * 1830 mm
Clear, Milky and Azure
664 GP Burglary Glass
1830 mm * 2440 mm
2140 mm * 3050 mm
3210 mm * 2250 mm
(other special sizes can be produced on request)
(Other Colours can also be made available)