Ceramic Printed Glass

This type of glass material is not only beneficial to architectural structures but for interior and exterior decoration as well. The ceramic print makes the glass sheet is meant to provide vision blockage and privacy either partly or fully by the printed designs. After the glass is annealed, a layer of ceramic material print screen is applied on the softened glass and afterward it is processed to produce either heat strengthened or tempered glass. Thus, the print is absolutely impossible to be peeled off or chipped by any method. It is also known as silk screen glass. The ceramic print pattern and its color can be customized as well. It also has great features and acute resistance quality based on if it is tempered or heat strengthened glass.



Graphics choice

The partial print reduces westerly as well as provides a great decorum for interior. The patterns are designed to uplift a room’s appearance by adding amazing graphics.


anti glare

It also prevents direct sunlight from entering due to its anti-glare feature. It is done through the glass is printed on one side, which is why it has to be installed facing inward direction.


durable and scratch proof

It is also intended to be safer by tempering it. This glass has immense longevity, resistance to moisture, and it is more scratch resilient than regular printed glasses available in the market.



Ceramic glass is tempered to improve safety.


  • Ceramic Printed Glass cannot be cut, customers must confirm size and shape when ordering.
  •  It takes more time to produce ceramic printed glass when special color or ceramic printed glass is prepared.
  •  When ceramic printed glass is used for façade or window, the printing side faces inward.
  • The printing method is one side printing.