Heat Strengthened Glass

Glass Plus Heat Strengthened Glass is a semi tempered glass which is valued as it retains the normal properties of annealed glass including chemical resistance, hardness expansion and deflection but with the exceptional strength & breakage characteristics.
Gold Plus Heat Strengthened Glass is made by evenly heating float glass to approximately 650°C. The ceramic roller transmits glass at a stable speed to ensure an even temperature and optical performance.



Double Strength

It is also two times stronger than an annealed glass baring the similar thickness. It is resistant to pressure of wind as well.


Thermal Cracking Resistance

The heat strengthened glasses are developed and produced to bear intense atmospheric temperature of almost up to 250 degrees Celsius in a scale from -20 degree to 300 degrees.


Fallout Prevention

Unlike other tempered glass, this does not break spontaneously. Therefore, it is not as much vulnerable and it does not leave an immediate impact or splatter due to it. It breaks normally like a float glass or any normal glass into shards. As much as it is being used in modern architectural designs, it is essential to remember that the shards and pieces of glass after breakage may cause severe injury. So, it is not advisable to use at any part where safety is a genuine concern. It is not a safety finishing product.


Optical Clarity

Gold Plus heat strengthened glass bears world class level of visual clarity. It eliminates any distortions and thus giving a fully clear vision. The company production unit is also recognised for its high-tech horizontal float furnace that ensures this property every time.


Heat Strengthened glass is not a safety glazing material. If the glass is broken, fragments may cause injury like that from ordinary float glass. It should not be used where safety glazing is required.


Confirming to ASTM 1048