Industrial Glass

Appliance Glasses

Manufactured with factory cut holes, machine polished edges and ceramic printing as per the design of appliance manufacturers. Gold Plus tempered appliance glasses are the popular choice of most leading appliance manufacturers.

Lighting Fixtures

Ordinary glass cannot withstand the temperature buildup in luminaries such as flood lights and halogen bulbs. Gold plus tempered glass provides the necessary temperature resistance to thermal shocks up to 240°C. One of the tests for lighting glasses require the glass to be heated to a temperature of 240°C and splashing it with cold water. Glasses with ceramic printed borders are also made as per customer’s designs.

Solar and Photovoltaic

Solar energy is exploited by collecting the radiant sun energy to heat water in solar collector panels or to convert the light into electricity by using photovoltaic modules. Gold Plus tempered glasses trap the energy and provide a protective screen from rain and dust making it one of the most important components for solar energy management.

Acrylic Moulds

Matching pairs of Gold Plus tempered glass are used as molds for manufacturing acrylic sheets. These sheets are separated to a controlled distance and acrylic solution is poured into them and cured at a specified temperature. The flatness of the two surfaces and their perfect matching is accomplished using unparalleled experience in making these glasses.