Reflective Glass


The reflective glass line availed by Gold Plus is known as ReflectaGold. Each ReflectaGold provides 54% of internal reflection and 46% of external reflection along with 31% of light transmission for a single glass. A 6mm thick reflective glass with special coating on both surfaces is considered a single glass. The same thickness of glass is considered double reflective glass when it’s added with 6mm gold plus clear float glass along with 12mm dry air fissure. While the float glass is being produced, an online process is initiated alongside to apply coating on the glass ribbons. The system is installed and operated via the annealing lehr while the ribbon shaped glass is still yet to be cooled down.

The major purpose of coating system is to make the glass hard and durable. So, it is also recognised as hard coating. The glass is afterward strengthened thoroughly by using heat and toughened during the process to develop its durability even more. Due to this application, the reflective glasses are protected and hard just as any other glasses and therefore can be handled and carried using the same way. This is intended to reduce any boundary and make it manageable for everyone.

Its thickness usually varies between 3.5 mm to 6mm. the pyrolytic layer provides sturdiness and additional protection. The reflective clear glass is available in golden colours which shall appear light brown in light. It increases the reflective factor as well as reduces solar heat and UV from entering inside. So it is mostly used in structural designs as external walls and facade. The metallic pyrolytic layer also ensures that its visibility is limited to one side only. Therefore, it can also be utilised for privacy as nothing will be visible from outside.